10 Top-notch Online Payment Systems in Canada RIGHT NOW!


10 Top-notch Online Payment Systems in Canada RIGHT NOW!

In this article, we’ll be carrying out a review of the top 10 systems for online payments on the
web. A peculiar distinction of this list is that it combines both online payment systems that have
been available to merchants for several years and new payment systems that are venturing into
new areas of the online payment services such as social commerce and online card reader

A Quick Pointer On Online Payment Systems
There are some terms, concepts and systems to be familiar with before getting started with online
payment systems.

ACH Payments simply refers to electronic debit and credit transfers which allows
customers from any part of the world make payments directly from their bank accounts
for mortgage loans, utility bills and generally any other type of bills. ACH stands for
Automated Clearing House and it is common place for most payment processors to offer
ACH payment options to their customers, most especially when it comes to monthly and
subscription- based transactions. Majority of modern payment solutions use ACH to send
money (usually excluding fees) to their customers.

Merchant Account is a bank account which usually allows a customer receive payments
through either their debit or credit cards. Merchant providers are usually required by law
to follow and obey regulations established by various card associations. A good number
of processors act as a merchant account and also as a payment gateway.

Payment Gateway allows different merchants to securely navigate credit card
information between the customer and the merchant and then also between the merchant
and payment processor. The payment gateway can also be seen as the middleman
between the merchant and their sponsoring bank.

Payment Processor refers to the company that a merchant uses to enable him handle
credit card transactions. Payment processors help to implement special anti – fraud
measures to help ensure that both the front- facing customer and the merchant are

PCI Compliance refers to when a merchant or a payment gateway sets their payment
environment up in a way that ensures they meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security
Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS standard was created by the Payment Card Industry
Security Standards Council in order to increase the security of cardholder data and to help
reduce fraud.

Following immediately are the 10 top- notch online payment systems.

1. PayPal
PayPal is arguably the most widely used payment system in the world. PayPal has successfully
processed over $4 billion in payment since 2011. Payments with PayPal are made using the
existing account of a user or with a credit card. Money is usually sent directly to an email

address, this making the user sign up for a new PayPal account. In addition to it's services of
taking payments, PayPal also gives it's users access to the services of sending money through,
which is a feature that only few payment processors also offer.
Pricing: PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 as transaction fees. It has no set up or monthly fees. Source;

2. Authorize.Net
Authorize.Net is a Big name in the Payment industry as is one of the biggest payment gateways
online. Having a user base of well over 300,000 merchants, Authorize.Net down the years has
been the go- to method for a lot of e- commerce sites that need a gateway to accept payments
from all around the world. Popular and widely patronized e- commerce platforms such as
Magneto, Volusion and X- cart are set up to accept payments using Authorize.Net.
Pricing: Authorize.Net has a set up fee of Free-$99, $10-$20 monthly fee and takes $0.08-$0.10
as transaction fees. Source; Authorize.net

3. Amazon Payments
Amazon Payments allows its users to receive payments using its API. It also allows users send
out money using ACH. Popular crowdfunding sites make use of Amazon Payments.
Pricing: Amazon payment fees begin at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for payments over $10. For
payments under $10, the fee stands at 5.0% + $0.50 per transaction. Source: Amazon.com

4. Google Checkout
Google Checkout is more or less Google is answer to PayPal. This payment processor allows
users to pay for goods and services through the account connected to their Google account. The
major benefit that Google Checkout has is that millions of internet users use Google for different
services, making a purchase using this processor far easier.
Pricing; Google Checkout fees start at 2.9% + $0.30 as transaction fees for sales less than
$3,000. The percentage they take goes down depending on sales volume for the month.

5. Dwolla
Dwolla is a direct competition to PayPal. Though one of the new comers in the third party
payments space, it is already processing up to $1 million per day. Setting up a Dwolla account is
similar to PayPal. However, it does not have the name recognition that PayPal has.
Pricing; Dwolla does not charge any fees for transactions less than $10. For transactions above
$10, it charges $0.25 per transaction. Source: Dwolla.com

6. Stripe
Stripe helps to provide an excellent solution for web developers looking to integrate a payment
system into their projects using Stripe’s robust API. By bypassing the traditional sign up process,
stripe acts as a merchant account for its users.

Pricing; Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. It has no set up or monthly fees.

7. Braintree
Braintree is an online payment gateway and merchant account solution notorious for working
with popular tech startups such as Airbnb.
Pricing: It has no start up or monthly fees. It charges 2.9% + $0.30 for transactions for qualified
cards. Source: Braintree official website.

8. WePay
WePay is a payment processor that allows internet merchants to accept bank account and credit
cards payments online. WePay is focused on individual users and has recently added e- store
pages to their services in order to help customers take in payments.
Pricing; It charges 3.5% transaction fee ($0.50 minimum) for credit card transactions and $0.50
for bank payments. It has no monthly or set up fees. Source: WePay fees.

9. 2Checkout
This is another payment processor that combines a merchant account and payment gateway into
one which allows users receive both credit card and PayPal payments. The company offers
international payments, shopping cart stores and also recurring billing features.
Pricing; $0.45 transaction fee and $10.99 monthly fee.

10. Virtuous Payments
With us at Virtuous Payments we have made handshakes with many payment gateways
and payment options as listed above. Which means volume discounts and with lower
monthly fees ranging from $10-$25, alongside that we provide First Data’s Low Cost
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above 2.50% per Swipes.

There are a lot of online payment systems that can help you in your business or service venture.
You can choose anyone that sits best with you and your business objectives. Should you like to
learn, Don’t hesitate to reach out.
The list above is in no way definite and exhaustive. Us at virtuous payments take pride in helping
business owners