Merchant Cash Advance Canada

The Virtuous Merchant Cash Advance Program in Canada

Our Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)/ Business Cash Advance is a low risk business financing solution in which small business owners can loan and leverage a lump-sum payment amount from $5000-$500,000 in exchange for a percentage of the businesses future revenues or credit card sales. Usually, Merchant Cash Advances have shorter re-payment terms than business installment loans which makes it easier for your business to pay if off sooner. We have seen Merchant cash advances work exceptionally for business owners with Starting Business Credit /lower credits because credit scores are not important as sales plans when concluding eligibility.


The Virtuous Merchant Cash Advance program has been an active leader in providing low risk business loans industry for many years.


We’ve helped many small and big businesses to utilize cash advance for many uses such as

  • New Equipment, 
  • Business Expansion, 
  • Upgrading Inventory 
  • Cash Flow
  • Expansion of Your business
  • Increase working capital.


Our unique combination of technology, people, and industry experience has enabled us to offer lending solutions that most financial institutions can ignore!

How Merchant Cash Advances Work?

Small business owners can apply for MCA Merchant Cash Advances and avail an honest sum of cash hassle freely. In response to that cash advance, businesses agree to pay our payment processing provider back with a percentage of daily/weekly or Monthly credit card sales until the taken advance is completely paid. Your repayment is gradually paid on a small percentage of your Daily / Weekly Credit card sales of your Merchant account that way you. Alongside that you are given a option to pay your Merchant Cash advance loan in lump sums as well.


Top Features of Business Cash Advances 

  • High amount of advances ( $10,000+ – $750,000+)
  • Same day approvals/ Next Day Approvals – Cash within 24-72 hours
  • Automated payments 
  • No static payments 
  • No hidden fees or direct costs
Merchant Cash Advance in Canada
How You Qualify Merchant Cash Advance

Virtuous Payments cash advance is a simple solution to add to whatever payment processing provider you have. Any business that has been around over 1 year and does over $5000 in credit is already pre-qualified through our multiple providers.. To get started You merely need to complete a short application and provide us with your last 3 months of your credit card statements. We complete our formalities the same day and you could enjoy easy merchant cash advance within 24-72 hours.


Turn Your Sales into Extra Capital

With many years of experience in electronic payments, we help merchants with business cash advance loans.  We are passionate about our work hence no matter what’s the size of your business, we you help you to dream big.


Fast Application Process

Being a renowned name among best merchant cash advance companies, we ensure fast application process so that you could get quick cash advances to accelerate your business at double speed. 


Get Funded Quickly

We ensure not only easy and fast application process but also take care of all processes so that you could see cash in your account with 5-7 days after application. 


If you have no time to plan for your financing needs, startup loans and business credit cards, Virtuous Payments can help a startup business access financing. Contact us and we will help your merchant cash advances get started today.