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Clover Flex Canada

The Clover Flex – Its everything and everywhere you need it to be

If you are an admirer of freedom business, we are confident that you will love Clover Flex which helps you scale your business from anywhere. The app isn’t only user-friendly, but it is backed by sophisticated technology so that you can boost your business profits with ease.

There are more than a single reason why you should choose Clover Flex for your business, here is a list of few:


Clover Flex provides user-friendly solutions at affordable price

Today we are living through the busiest era of our lives. The daily hustle and bustle require us to use the simplest yet effective tools. Ease and efficiency are what everyone around is looking for. Clover Flex is one of the great tools that provide amazing solutions. It is applicable particularly if you are in a restaurant business or any other type of business where you need to get in contact with your clients or customers too frequently. Clover Flex is a user-friendly app that does not require you to put any extra efforts to get the work done for you.

Good news – Clover flex accessories provide you with any sort of functionality you want. Whether you need to scan a barcode or print to multiple printers or store your cash, Clover has all you need to cover.


Simplicity that speaks for itself

If you want to create a user-friendly app for your clients that can help them to simplify the process, Clover Flex is for you. The small-sized Clover Flex is a device that is easy to hold and easy to hand over it to customers to dip, swipe, and tap or enter a PIN. Clover Flex delivers an eventual simplicity and convenience in a single device. You don’t need to transfer the data to another device to get it printed. It has inbuilt receipt printer and scanner, which ensures the Clover Flex to deliver the ultimate flexibility.


Sound and secure payment system

With the skyrocketing digital revolution today, the online spam and frauds have increased drastically. Due to rising online frauds, 100% secure payment method is required to ensure the safety of both the customers and business. Clover Flex provides you with safe and secure payment methods to ensure the protection of your client as well as your business. It can also access tax, discounts, loyalty rewards, and gift cards just in a tap.

The sophisticated feature of Clover Flex allows you to receive payments through debit and credit smartcards, magnetic strips, EMV contactless without any additional tools. Clover Flex stores digital receipts and signatures which can be helpful for you to defend against future chargebacks without keeping piles of paper receipts.


The flexibility that is ready for anything

Clover Flex is compatible with any sort of Clover devices. It is integrated with a versatile line of clover devices. It flawlessly integrates with QuickBooks using the CommerceSync App that is available in the Clover App Market. This unique feature of the Clover Flex enables you to work from anywhere.  



Innovation is the key to run your business smoothly

Our vision and thus our service is driven by innovation. If you are a tech geek you should be aware of the fact that Nokia which was the leader in the market could not survive due to lack of innovation. We ensure innovation so that you can get efficient results to scale your business to the next level.



Rich analytics to ensure sustainable growth of your business

Data analysis does not only ensure higher profits, but it also guarantees the sustainable growth of your business. With easy to use data analytics options provided by clover flex, you can easily find per unit cost of the items and then set a favorable sale price before you could launch a marketing strategy. You can do an in-depth analysis of all the associated costs using the sales report from the POS system.

Clover dashboard lets you keep an eye on sales, track inventory, and manage all aspects of your business. It also helps you to control your sales data to uncover buying patterns and take smarter advances to market. This could based technology also allows you to access data and handle your business from any internet connected device. The Clover App Market offers specific Apps to extend your business capabilities.



Manage inventory to make great marketing decisions for your business

It is pure logic that depletion of the stock does not always picture the high demand of a particular item. Several reasons that can cause depletion of your inventory are theft, waste, and spillage. Carefully monitoring your inventory can help you make great marketing decisions of a product. Its built-in camera and barcode scanner let you scan items into your inventory instantaneously so that you can use the data in a smarter way.



Increase customer loyalty

Your loyal customers are the backbone of your business so make sure you take good care of them. Clover flex manages your customers’ contact info as well as their marketing preferences, so you can connect with them how they prefer.

If your customers are in the Clover system, you can send them real-time promos by email and text message. This allows you to have to return customers over the period of time. It creates a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes, which are absolutely free, no strings attached. So it makes your customers come back who are happy with your service

Get customer feedback sent directly to your inbox so you can hear privately what’s on their minds. Build effective reliability programs, collect customer feedback and send customer promos within minutes. Clover Flex is a device with built-in ability to help you serve your customers better.

Additional features of Clover Flex include:

  • It can easily integrate, it works with all Clover Family devices
  • Work as a mobile, it’s long-lasting battery gets you through a workday
  • It has everything you need – like an embedded printer, barcode scanner, and camera
  • It has a 5-inch HD touch screen display with clear images
  • You can easily use it to do business anywhere – it Works on WiFi and LTE networks – when even you are working offline

If you want to scale your business to the next level Clover Flex is one of the highly recommended apps for you. If you need any help regarding how you can actually use this for business, feel free to contact us via our contact page today. Our team of experts is available 24*7 to provide you an initial consultation for free. The Clover flex is everything and everywhere you need it to be!

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