Cash Discount Canada

Receive Up To $500 Credit To Switch From Your Current Provider!

Cash Discount For the first time in canada

Why should you pay for credit card acceptance fees when your customers are being rewarded in points?

Cash Discount in Canada is finally here! Business owners in the US have been utilizing this method of credit card acceptance for over 10+ years. Finally business’s in canada can now your business can benefit!

The process is fairly simple to understand. Many business owners that we speak with are losing anywhere from 2-4% in credit card acceptance fees through every transaction.

Now that Cash payments are less frequent due to the spike in electronic transactions year over year..more and more customers want to be rewarded, through points through credit cards.  Now you may be asking, what is a cash discount? Gas stations have been using this method for decades in the US. Through offering a discount to customers if they prefer to pay with cash.

What is the Cash Discount Program?

The cash discount program in Canada is a solution for business owners to pass on credit card processing costs of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with credit cards. Cash discount allows business owners to continue to accept all major credit cards but without the loss of high fees.


How Cash Discount compliancy in Canda Works?

Our solution integrates software on online payment gateways and on payment terminals to make cash discount compliant in Canada. We make sure all our partnerships with banking relationships and payment banks are compliant with the laws set by the Canadian code of conduct and card brand rules.

Utilizing our backend processing system coupled with our front-end technology we provide the easiest solutions in cash discount for businesses in-person and on-line. Some of the terminals that we utilize include the clover-flex and clover mini


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