Clover Flex- Canada’s First Compact Android Based Terminal

Clover Flex Canada Handheld POS Payment System Credit Card Swapping Image

Clover Flex- Canada’s First Compact Android Based Terminal

The Future is Today! Accept all major Credit and Debit cards with First Data’s latest Android Payment Terminal.Accompanying a 5 inch HD touchscreen display, the Clover Flex is the future of smart payment terminals. This all in one device with built in capabilities to help you serve customers faster and better.

The Easy to hold Android Payment Terminal is easy to hand over to customers to swipe, tap and enter a PIN, Clover Flex delivers the best in simplicity and flexibility in a 1 device freeing your mind for the things that matter.

Features that make our Android Payment Terminal stand out from the competition:

  • Multiple Receipt Options:Additional receipt option(s) to Text Message or Email Message your receipts to customers
  • Switch from Wifi / Ethernet and LTE 3G:the android terminal is a Smart terminal which allows you to take it from the cash register to the table and even on the road for deliveries.
  • Real Time Reporting:We provide a full suite of business management tools and comprehensive reports to access your Clover account from any internet device. With the dashboard you can access information like your inventory, which automatically syncs to any other devices added to this account. Also Monitor sales and profit trends with Clover Insights.
  • Customer retention:With a built-in CRM tool, you can stay connected to your customers. Store their emails, receipts, and purchase history, and incent them with special offers.
  • Create Customer Perks/Loyalty programs Free:Create incentives for your frequent customers like Starbucks through free apps like our effective loyalty programs, collect customer feedback and send customer promos in minutes
  • Electronic signature:which makes it easier to keep track of receipts and helps prevent future chargebacks
    A Built-in receipt printer alongside a barcode scanner