Join The E-Commerce Revolution

Join The E-Commerce Revolution

Retail ecommerce sales in Canada continue to climb, both in real terms and as a proportion of total retail. By 2020, retail ecommerce sales will total CA $55.78 billion”  Emarketer January 2017

Royal Debit offers business merchants the solutions to accept payments in a secure digital environment

In the not so distance past credit card processing involved those little carbon paper forms and the sliding machine. Between 1960 when the Diners Club card was first issued there have been remarkable transformations in the credit industry.  These days the biggest priority is security both businesses and consumers are demanding more from their credit cards and credit card processing systems that will allow them to make secure purchases and transactions online and offline.

Every day it seems the news reports a new data breach. These reports constantly remind us that security is of primary concern both to the customer and the retailer.  In 2017 alone companies such as Saks, Brooks Brothers and Xbox have been hacked and personal customer data has been exposed. In 2014 the highly publicized hack of Target in the US led to the exposure of personal credit card information for 140 million people, more than three times the total population of Canada.

The numbers are growing every day and cyber-criminals are increasingly hacking a greater number of businesses that deal with vast quantities of customer information.

Digital or ecommerce sales are predicted to triple in Canada by 2020 to $55.78 billion Canadian dollars. Canadians are using ecommerce and purchasing online in far greater numbers than ever before and this means they are using online credit payments. These credit payments are convenient and can be made anywhere in the world. However the need to provide secure systems and

To protect customer data is a critical aspect of credit services.

Royal Debit can help with that burden of responsibility. Royal Debit offers advanced security and top of the line encryption technology. With a multitude of options that allows businesses to integrate the system with pre-existing shopping carts and ecommerce programs Royal Debit can support and enhance your ecommerce businesses with overhauling your entire system.

Royal Debit offers the lowest rates in the industry on their services that include: Debit and Credit card point of sales terminals, integrated ecommerce online payment solutions, as well as mobile payment services.