Learn How a Virtual Terminal Can Benefit Your Business

Learn How a Virtual Terminal Can Benefit Your Business


A good business is one that is flexible and customer-centric.

In the digital turf, merchants, Small business owners, and startups all strive to deliver value to their customers, in one way or other. Most of businesses (especially those who consider the bigger picture) have gladly embraced modern-day technology, as it helps them win more customers and establish dominance in their niche. If you too are keen to harness success, we recommend you to become acquainted with the concept of a virtual terminal.

Virtual Terminal- Making It Easier to Process Card Payments Online

virtual terminal can be perceived as a web-based version of a physical credit card acceptance device. It is a straightforward and absolutely undemanding solution empowering merchants to accept credit and debit cards payments online. It will not only help you to get paid quicker and better, but would also save you from investing in a physical credit card equipment or POS terminal. All you need is a reliable web connection, your internet-ready device and a standard web browser to start accepting payments outright.

How Does It Work?

Wondering how a virtual terminal works? Honestly, it’s no Jigsaw puzzle that’ll knock your socks off. It’s a very simple process, giving you the ease to process payments in a fast and secured fashion with minimal setup. Here’s how to you use a virtual terminal-

  • Customer shares with you their credit card or ACH details (Fancy word for Card Details) via phone or email.
  • You open your web browser and login to your virtual terminal.(Much like a online payment machine)
  • You submit customer’s payment info.
  • You click on ‘Process’ to get the transaction approved.
  • Once done, all related parties are notified about the successful transaction.

Your Features & Perks of Choosing Virtual Terminal Services

  • Accept credit cards faster and easier
  • Charge Customers anytime: Daily/Weekly/Bi weekly/Monthly/ Semi Annually
  • Store credit cards on a secure Canadian network and give your customers the concierge treatment by easily charging your client
  • Accept credit cards for your local business from virtually anywhere with a laptop and internet
  • Ditch the expenses of buying and maintaining a traditional credit card device
  • You are in charge of the entire transaction process
  • Real-time online reports

As you can see  these benefits are tempting and worth your attention? If you are willing to take a leap, connect with us. We at Virtuous Payments offer the most credible virtual terminal solutions through our exclusive partnerships. We aim to empower businesses and give them digital-wings to realize their true potential, that way your business can focus on what matters most to them.

Discover our offerings and do connect if you are ready for our digital transformation.